Sunday, August 13, 2006


Jazz Jackrabbit: Orbitus

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I was playing Jazz Jackrabbit, a MS-DOS game from from 1992 or's a great game, but it's a pity it won't work on many computers, expecially Windows XP, without downloading a DOS emulator called DOSBox.
Anyway, I was playing Orbitus, my favorite level, as I remember it being my favorite level from almost a decade ago when I last played Jazz Jackrabbit and...I made this comic with the help of the print screen key. It was an idea.
Hm.... you can see the passage of time in the HUD thing there.
well, there ya go.
Jazz Jackrabbit was/is copyright Epic Megagames. If you get the chance and like platformer-shooter type things, I reccomend it...If you can download it. You can find it at in the Platform Games section.

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